Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny’s line of e-juice doesn’t just pitch itself across a wide spectrum of flavors, it also offers a unique brand of scintillating vapes, each one packaged with a lot of artistry and a touch of wickedness. The e-cig liquid is delicious no matter the flavor, and you can find a taste for every palate, from sweet and creamy, to clean and fruity, to spicy and dusky. Suicide Bunny e juice knows exactly what it can do.

Warm, heady nights down in Havanna are bottled in Derailed, dining on Snickerdoodle and finding it sweet, then purring out notes of cinnamon and banana. The spice doesn’t bite, it just nibbles a little. The banana coils itself around the vanilla of the cookie, making it a bit more exotic. This is an e juice for someone about to make a desperate deal one sweltering summer’s evening that they know they’re going to regret.Suicide Bunny eJuice

Madrina is a demure vape, pretending to be only cream and softness, then unfolding slivers of dewy, bright melon to slip between each layer and freshen its allure – and your experience – with each exhale. The cleanliness of the melon assures you that you can trust the cream; they partner together so well. An e-juice that looks up from beneath smoky lashes at you.

The signature e cig liquid from Suicide Bunny is Mother’s Milk, and there’s a reason it sits atop the flavor throne. The cream notes are thickened into a sticky sweet custard that goes sauntering down into the base notes, where it beckons to a shy sugared-strawberry. The exhale has them entwined together, dancing, only to leave the ripe strawberry alone at the very end, holding only the lingering sweetness of the cream. Something to be enjoyed in the morning on a veranda, while waiting for your latest fling to wake up and make you coffee.

Sucker Punch makes good its name. Just the beginnings of a cream base allowed to set foot in the door before it’s ambushed gleefully by a host of different fruits, each with its own agenda and taste. The fruits never fight amongst themselves, always synergized and saucy, finally allowing the cream to get back onto its feet and finish off alongside the juicy harvest which keeps tapping with a right hook all the way home. Vape this while laughingly contemplating suicide.

We shouldn’t tell you anything about The Original Bunny (“The O.B.” for those on familiar terms). After all, some say an e-juice’s fascination resides in its mystery, and The O.B. is built up top to bottom with mystery. We’ve heard the words ‘cream’ and ‘cake’ tossed back and forth. Complexity is usually hinted at. Sweetness is a unanimous guess, and richness receives a lot of nods, but we’re not about to confirm or deny anything. You can keep begging, though. We like it.